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U.K. Stockists

101 Collectors Records, 586 Records, Action Records, Albert Road Promotions Ltd, Amulet Records, Angel,Roberts & Angel Ltd, Ark Pr Ltd, Ashdell Enterprises Ltd, Astonishing Sounds, Badlands Records (Shop), Banquet Gravity Dip Ltd, Bending Sound, Beyond The Download, Black Circle Records, Blackest Rainbow Ltd, Blank Generation Ltd, Boomkat Ltd, Bug Vinyl Records Ltd, Casbah Records, Chalky's (Belushi Ltd T/A), Crash Records Ltd, Cruisin Records, Death Waltz Recording Co Ltd, Defend Vinyl, Diverse Music, Drift Record Shop, Earworm Records, Eel Pie Records Ltd, Empire Records, Five Rise Records, Fives Records & Tapes, Friendly Records, Gatefield Sounds., Gatefold Coffee & Vinyl Ltd, Hex Record Shop, Hts (Scotland) Ltd, Hts (Scotland) Ltd T/As Assai, Jam On Toast Ltd T/As Vinilo, Jim-exselecky Ltd, Jumbo Records Ltd, Juno Media Ltd, Just Dropped In Ltd, K&R Music World T/A Music Zone, Le Freak Records, Left For Dead, Let It Roll Records Ltd, Level Crossing Records Ltd, Lion Coffee & Records Llp, Lost In Vinyl, Mold Record Shop, Music Mania Ltd, Music's Not Dead, Nashellac Ltd T/A Spillers, Norman Records Ltd, Parallax Studios Ltd, Pebble Records, Phoenix Sound, Piccadilly Records Limited, Polar Bear, Probe Records, Project Groove Ltd, Raves From The Grave, Record Corner, Red House Records, Reflex, Relevant Records Ltd, Resident Music Ltd, Rock Box Records Ltd, Rockaway Records, Roller Coaster Music Ltd, Rootdown Ltd, Rough Trade Bristol, Rough Trade Nottingham, Rough Trade Retail (East), Rough Trade Retail (West), Saints Sounds Ltd, Seismic Records, Sister Ray, Sister Ray (2008) Ltd, Slide Records, Smugglers Records Ltd, Sound It Out Records Ltd, Sound Knowledge Ltd, Soundclash, Sounds Of The Universe, South Records Ltd, Spindizzy Records, Spinning Discs Ltd, Spun Out Sounds, Steamboat Music, Strange Victory Records, Stranger Than Paradise Records, Swordfish, Tallbird Records, Tangled Parrot, The Left Legged Pineapple Ltd, Tower Records, Tower Records, Truck Music Store Ltd, Tubeway Records, Vintage & Vinyl, Vinyl Factory Records Ltd, Vinyl Hunter, Vinyl Revolution, Vinyl Tap, Vinyl Underground, Wah Wah Records, Wallace Books Ltd, White Label Records Ltd, World Of Echo, X-records

U.S. Stockists

Account, 1-2-3-4 Go! Records, 2nd Avenue Records, 3hive, 6131 Records, A Day In The Life Records, Academy Annex, Academy Records and CDs (18th St), Acme Records, All Day Records, Amoeba Music, Angry Mom Records, Autumn Records, Barely Brothers Records, Biscuits & Vinyl, Boo Boo Records, Breakaway Records, Bull Moose Music, Cactus Records & Gifts, CD Central, CD Warehouse, Cheapo Discs, Clone Press Studio and Records, Control, Creep Records Store, Criminal Records, Crooked Beat, Daddy Kool, Down in the Valley, Dusty Groove, Ear Candy, Econo Jam Records, Elusive Disc, Encore Records, End of An Ear, Euclid Records, Everyday Music, Exploded Records, Fat Beats, Fingerprints, Found Sound, Fuzz Records, Gerosa Records, Going Underground, Goldmine Vintage, Good Records, Gray Whale, Grimey's, Guestroom Records, Hi-Fi Hits, Hill & Dale Records, Hybrid Records, Indy CD and Vinyl, Jackpot Records, Josey Records, Ka-CHUNK Records, Light In The Attic Record Shop, Love Garden Sounds, Love Vinyl Records, Lucky Records, Luna Music, Melody Supreme, Mill City Sound, Mills Record Company, Mobius Records, Mod Lang, Mojo Books and Music, Monster Music & Movies, Music Direct, Music Millennium, My Mind's Eye, NIN9VOLT Magazine & Records, Norman's Sound and Vision, Obsession Records, Omega Music, Oz Music, Park Ave. , Perfect Circuit, Plaid Room Records, Port of Sound Record Shoppe, Princeton Record Exchange, Produce Records, Rainy Day Records, Randy's Record Shop, Reckless Records, Record Stop, Records Per Minute, Redscroll Records, Repo Records, Retrofit Records, Revolver Records, Rock Paper Scissors Goods, Rough Trade, Seasick Records, Shake It, Shuga Records, Sig's Lagoon, Siren Records, Sky Valley, Songbyrd Music House, Sonic Boom Records, Sound Garden, Spin Cycle Records, Square Records, Steady Sounds Record Store, Stinkweeds, Stormy Records, Stranded Music, Streetlight, Sweat Records, The End of All Music, The Government Center, The Great Escape, The Moog Store, Third Eye Records, Tonevendor, Torn Light Records, True Love Always, Tunnel Records & Beach Goods, Turntable Lab, Twist & Shout, Underground Sounds, Village Green Records, Vinal Edge, Vintage Vinyl, Vinyl Index, Vinyl Tap, Von's Records, Waiting Room Records, Wall of Sound, Waterloo, Wooden Tooth Records, Young Ones, Zia Record Exchange, ZZZ Records

International Stockists

A-Musik, Bad Seeds, Badstuerock, Balades Sonores, BEAT, Beatdisc Records, Big Dipper, Big Love, Blindspot - Les angles morts, Boekhandel Dominicanen, Born Bad Record Shop, Caroline Music, CD & Vinyl Pick-up Shop, Clarity Records, Concerto, Croc Vinyl, Disco D’oro, Discos Revolver, Discoteca Laziale, Discrepancy Records, Diskunion Kitaurawa, Diskunion Machida, Diskunion Ochanomizu, Diskunion Shibuya, Diskunion Shimokitazawa, Diskunion Shinjuku indie/altenative, Diskunion Tachikawa, Dodo Beach, Dussmann das Kultur Kaufhaus, Echt Optimal Schallplatten, fastcut, FatKat Records, Flight 13 Records, Flying Out, Gibert Paris, Green Hell Records, Ground Zero, Hafenschlammrekords, Happy Valley, Hat Hill Gallery, HHV, Hitsville, Hum On King, JET SET Kyoto, JEUGIA [Basic.], JJ’S Vinyl, Just For The Record, KILLACUTZ Records, King Kong Records, Krumpelt Spreer, La Roma Records, Landspeed Records, Le Laboratoire, Le Silence de la Rue, Les Yper Sound, Mala Música, Marbecks, Marleen, MEMPHIS RECORDS, Mint Music, Morr Music, Move On, Moving, Music Farmers, Needle, New Record, Oh! Jean Records, Pêle-Mêle, Penny Lane Records, Planet'R / Brioson, Plato, Plattenlaedle, Pop Art, Pop culture shop, popmuzik records, Radio City, Readings Carlton, Readings Hawthorn, Real Groovy, Recofan, RECORD SHOP FILE-UNDER, Red Eye Records, Relics, Repressed Records, Revolver Records, Rex Rotari/CremerEid, RIPTIDE, ROCK 86, Rocking Horse Records, Rocksteady Records, Rough Peel Music, Round and Round Records, Route 66, Second Hand Records, Serendipity, Slow Boat Records, sone records, Souffle Continu, Soultrade Recordstore, Soundwaves Music & More, Southbound Records, Space Hall, Stiff Slack, Substance Recordstore OG, The Spellbound Wax Company, Thornbury Records, Tower Records Kyoto, Tower Records Nagoya Parco, Tower Records Shibuya, Tower Records Shinjuku, Tower Records Umeda Osaka Maruburu, Underdog Records, Unionrecords Shinjuku, Urban Records, Utopia Records, Velvet Music, VelvetMusic, Vinyl Countdown, ZoeZoe records

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