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Re: Government

jauntymonty wrote:
xperceptor wrote:
Psi-Phi wrote:
This Topic was suggested to me by a discussion in a different Thread in a Post by Hito, which I take the liberty of reposting here:

hito wrote:
Perhaps democracy is not such a good idea. Asking all people to vote about matters that require a PhD level of knowledge is objectively illogical. I am not saying that voting should be eliminated but I am asking people to consider what it means. The idea of a voting licence could logically lead to most people being eliminated from the electoral roll as few would have the necessary knowledge required to make informed decisions on the range of complex matters controlled by government.
So where does that leave us? I don't know

Perceptive questions often suggest their own very best answers. I believe your statements certainly do! Another perceptive insight by Hito.

A license to vote? This is similar to the chicken vs the egg paradox.

In any case this chicken flys in the face of freedom. The right to cast a vote to choose your representative is a basic and precious perk of being an American or any free (Magna Carta) citizen on the planet regardless of educational statis. I think all people have a certain intuition for judging a candidate based upon what his or her educated self has to say. That is, the vote from the heart and not totally the mind. Of course, America needs a National Education Act, but cutting our right of free choice doesn't solve any problems.

I forgot to mention, as you know, that elections elect your representative, but the lobbyists are making things move along. Similar I suppose to paying a prostitute, excuse me mean to say your representative to pass legislation favoring..your..lobby.

Jan 02, 2012, 04:55