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kind regards?
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Re: kind regards?

I think it is a real shame the way new people get driven away from this forum. In my brief time here, there has been a pretty sustained attack by existing members against:
velvet water
Now each of these people has had differences with others so it is not all one way traffic but I think we need to think about the way people are treated if we want this forum to survive. We are losing are getting less from long standing members so new people need to be treated with less disdain. If not, we could end up like a bowls club that has chased all the young people away and now lays derelict because everyone is dead or dying.
I certainly welcome contributions from people I disagree with and wouldn't want anyone who has a coherent opinion to quit. I think we need to cut the personal attacks and stick to what people are saying. Sure, if people add 20 new threads or 20 incoherent posts to a thread, they are a problem. But 1 person posting 1 post that you disagree with shouldn't be an issue.
So give Joe a go (of course, he may just be on holidays).

Oct 16, 2011, 20:22