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How would you describe your musical taste?
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Re: not so much old stuff

i dont tend to buy old records in stores these days. tho i do like old music when played on radio, or in the bar. i love older stuff, but i dont EVER buy old records. i'm too hooked on whats up-to-date. tho i recently discoverd some good obsure record selling stores like Norman Records. i dont tend to take note of older records. which is annoying. as i feel like the odd one out, often. my mate says its my hate of my parents i used to feel, or contempt, or whatever. put me off older music as i was growing up. ever since i was 13 and i liked dnb. to be honest i'm too into FRESH sounding stuff. has been like that for aages. i do like some 90's music, tho. well ii like music from all decades. post whaever. not real anchient music, likefrom the 40's tho. i like stuff from the future. future sounding shit, to be honest.

Oct 30, 2011, 23:33


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