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How would you describe your musical taste?
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Re: How would you describe your musical taste?

Well Mu, I'm starting to like the idea of a cup of tea more and more.
As I was reading your post the music in my cd player was Six Cognitive Works by Kyle Bobby Dunn, a masterpiece in drone (to my ears anyway) Yesterday I was listening to all 5 of Stephan Mathieu's brilliant "Full Swing Edits" on 10" vinyl, I also enjoy a lot of Fennesz's work Black Sea in particular (quite frightening in places) I love Stars of the Lid and Brian Mcbride's solo outings too.
I love minimal / minimal ambient, if you notice a lot of the labels I mentioned in my list specialise in minimal electronic, drone, ambient and I.D.M.
Ian Hawgood, Celer, The Green Kingdom, Library Tapes, Sylvain Chauveau and Ezekiel Honig get played a lot as do
composers such as, Part, Glass, Gorecki, Reich and Budd.
So what particular artists in these fields are you in to?

Sep 15, 2011, 23:37


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