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How would you describe your musical taste?
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Re: How would you describe your musical taste?

I could probably say that I don't like 95% of music but love the other 5%.

I generally don't listen to country, grindcore, classical and commercial pop (post 1986). I don't like songs with a fake reggae accent (or whatever the hell it is that people like Shaggy did. Basically, if they say "me" instead of "I", it's out) nor am I partial to real ones for that matter. I like less and less hip hop. I am not much for power ballads

I like songs with unusual timing.

I like songs that have another song playing below.

I like: electronic, rock, jazz, funk, metal, prog, pop, folk and whatever could be described as eclectic.

I like music that references other music.

But having said all that, I like country songs by the Butthole Surfers, I like that track by Satie, I don't like jazz flute and I like some of Queen's power ballads.

In the end, I know what I like when I like it.

Sep 15, 2011, 13:35


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