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How would you describe your musical taste?
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Re: How would you describe your musical taste?

agreed; good thread!

I really like organ, piano and synthesizer elements in music. detached and slightly indifferent female vocals are always pleasing; layered vocals, too.

I appreciate a good visual to go along with music whether it be an album cover or video to associate the music with. I usually need some type of old school crooner, bizarre outsider stuff, something I loved 5-20 yrs ago and something Stereolab related in the mix. melody is definitely required with most of my music. the hardest stuff I ever got into was some of the chick rock of the late 90's and I suspect it was because of hanging around a lot of lesbians. elements of humor are great (i.e. Sparks....genius with this). I also enjoy listening to lyrics in other languages. I like not knowing.

the search element is amuses me greatly. I like hearing what other people are obsessed with. I like digging through records at antique/thrift stores. I have a bit of an ego about my musical taste, but I think it's well deserved given the amount of time, money and research I've put into refining my ear.

Sep 14, 2011, 22:40


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