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Who should we vote in as moderators for the forum??
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Re: Who should we vote in as moderators for the forum??

hito is my alias. It is not my name. It is my name on this forum. Do you understand?

1. I have a real name

Are you following?

2. I use a pretend name on this forum.

Are you still with me?

3. That pretend name or alias, is "hito"

Did that make sense to you?

4. I have no other pretend names on this forum.

You understand this sentence?

I used the forum years ago. It had bullet points. I posted maybe 10 posts. End of story.

Unless you think I am also "my return" or velvetwater" or "wracket" or "mitchervan" or "GaryB" or "Mu Mu" or "meanchico" or "JS" or "Kazak" or "lereostab" or "mars rover" or "microbehunter" or somebody else that is here on the forum now, I would suggest you drop it. You are wasting your time.

As for the Rael thing, I don't care if you have ten names here. As long as you don't have conversations with yourself and don't give the impression that three people are attacking a member when it is only you, who cares? I just pick Rael because I like to be consistent and it is only four letters.

As it is, metaphorically speaking, my boot is on your larynx as you lay in the dirt. After all of your bluster, you have dropped the ball with your supposed criticism of my "nasty thread". You look bad.
Your only option left now is to imagine some story where I am actually cyberpainter or to start swearing again.
Take a breath while you can. Go away and start a thread about...oh, that's right, you don't do that much do you?
Hang on, I see a seven year old has started a thread supporting a view to the left of Rush Limbaugh. You can beat that kid. Attack, attack.

May 15, 2011, 21:21


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