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Who should we vote in as moderators for the forum??
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Re: Who should we vote in as moderators for the forum??

Cheeso wrote:
hito wrote:
Squirrel M. Nutter wrote:
hito wrote:
My advice is, play the ball, not the man (or woman).

That thread attacking cyberpainter was not exactly playing the ball.

And what was your name back in the days, anyway?

If you wish to bring up an issue about that thread, bring it up in that thread. I don't need your tabloid style mudslinging here. I have no qualms about the thread as I simply used somebody else's words to prove a point. The words of that person were the ball. I never called that person a name or abused anyone but you did.

I think my name in the old forum was Rael ;P To be frank, I cannot remember that either. It may have been Boris or some other joke name. That was part of the problem. It was a long time ago, maybe 2004?

There's an awful lot of cowardice in that message. It wasn't just her words, you attacked her and made ridiculous demands and you don't have the balls to admit it now. And of course you call people out for using other names but you "conveniently" forgot the alias you used. Typical...

By the way, I'll talk about what I want, where I want. No need to bump that nasty thread.

Well, Rael, I have bumped it for you.
If you think there is something specifically wrong with what I said, put your money where your mouth is. Rather than casting aspersions, try to find fault in my argument. Anyone who reads it will know that all you did was swear and yell.
You know I am right :D

I don't know what you think is convenient about forgetting an old alias. What would I have to hide? I am sure many forum members here cannot remember all the names and passwords they use on the net. I didn't use the old forum that much. And just in case you're wondering, my name is not really "Hito". Sorry to burst your bubble :D

May 15, 2011, 11:02


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