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Who should we vote in as moderators for the forum??
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Re: Who should we vote in as moderators for the forum??

hito wrote:
wracket wrote:

... Hito obviously got off on the wrong foot with a few of the regulars, I disagree that he has nothing to contribute.

The medium of the internet forum has the strange ability to bring out the aggressiveness in so many of its users and, from a relatively early stage, there was obviously a lot of two-way aggressiveness as regards Hito and quite a few "village elders" here, which then led to a few of the trollier hangers-on championing Hito, which led to a further confirmation in the mind of some that this Hito character is up to no good.

But if both sides (in fact, if everyone here--myself included) could remind themselves that the forum is a fairly limited medium for communication and that, given the right (wrong) personality mix, any one conversation can too easily descend into an exchange of barbs, no matter what the original intentions of the posters...

Thanks for the compliment...I think.

Things sure were tough there for while and they do flare up again from time to time. I agree wholeheartedly with your advice regarding members having a bit of perspective.

I don't remember any "troll" support in the early days. In fact, I don't think I had much support from anyone but good old Gary, Thomas2 and you were OK too. And mitchervan was nice, as always. Of course, the powers that be were annoyed at a "new" member offering advice. The fact is, I was around years ago under a different name. I lost that password and that was that. I was never a regular back when the forum looked different but I was there.

I generally think I have it worked out with most members now. Mu Mu is obviously still mad at me and Kazak chimes in occasionally. Of course, Rael_ gets very angry at me but I am not exactly Robinson Crusoe there. I think even cyberpainter has learnt not to be so aggressive with me so I think things are mostly good. I think I like most members here but I could be wrong.

My advice is, play the ball, not the man (or woman).

I think wracket had some good points.

However then I see my name in hito's roll call. "...cyberpainter has learnt not to be so aggressive with me". Do you have the slightest clue how condescending that is?

May 12, 2011, 18:08


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