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The right to cause damage to someone's hearing.
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Re: The right to cause damage to someone's hearing.

cyberpainter wrote:
Should sound in dance clubs be regulated? I just made my tinnitus worse last night. I'm pissed. At myself for not realizing how bad the result would be, and at the club too and the dj. In my view something should be done about it. Sometimes it's obvious that it's so loud it will without a doubt cause damage, other times, like last night, it seemed loud, but I didn't do anything about it like get earplugs. My brain was not saying danger danger, it's not like I carry around a decibel meter. I've been to this club before without a problem, so I know you can have fun without the decibel level being so high.

i'm sorry to learn this, cyber. please be more careful from now on! you gotta keep those ears in tact for the new stereolab & laetitia records!

Jul 12, 2010, 21:20


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