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The right to cause damage to someone's hearing.
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Re: The right to cause damage to someone's hearing.

Is music better when it's deafeningly loud?

I have long given-up on going to bars and clubs where you must scream to order a drink.

I don't really mind because the people you usually find in such places are usually superficial numbskulls. Thet'll be deaf at 40, and I won't pity them.

However, I do like watching movies on the big screen, and the same problem exists there: the soundtrack is almost always unnecessarily loud. I use earplugs, but some frequencies get muffled and un-natural. Is my movie experience supposed to be better if it's loud?

Blame capitalism human stupidity for this: Loud noises and loud music attracts people, because people are stupid.

Jul 04, 2010, 05:21


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