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The right to cause damage to someone's hearing.
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Re: The right to cause damage to someone's hearing.

I agree with you CP. The level at clubs and at music venues has gotten way out of hand. I cannot stand being in a club where the DJ makes it impossible to talk to your friends, or a music venue where the bass is so mega loud it vibrates in your chest. Choosing to go out clubbing, for an experience where the music is drowning, and not much talking is going on is one thing; but I find the majority of bars that I go into impossible to hang in because the music is pumped so loud. Plus, there is usually not thought given to the shape of the room compared to the loudness. Some clubs reflect certain frequencies more than others. I can't think of how many clubs just turn up the volume on a band and it sounds like shit because no concern is given to a)the band's/music's sound, or b)the strengths and weaknesses of a room. Same goes for DJ's.

Anyway, I just want to rant because noise pollution really pisses me off.

Jun 27, 2010, 18:04


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