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The right to cause damage to someone's hearing.
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Re: The right to cause damage to someone's hearing.

revox wrote:

Your personal health and safety is your responsibility, these environments are targeted at young people with a greater tolerance to all manner of abuse (personal abuse appears to be a timeless privilege, or right of passage, of the young). You are really in the process of grieving for the loss of youth and you're looking for someone to blame and crustily seeking the regulation of the younger generations legitimate fun is one of the pitfalls of getting older that seriously needs to be avoided to attain a purer state of maturity - you've had your day in the sun, there isn't anyone to blame, it's just life.


We have regulations to prevent second hand smoke from hurting all of us. Some people were outraged when that happened. But there will be less people getting cancer as a result. I'm questioning whether they need to prevent physically damaging your ears, no matter what your age.

If you think all the 20 somethings aren't having the exact same level of damage, you're mistaken. They just haven't realized the affect yet as it's cumulative over time or the level and quantity of noise they are exposed to. The decibel level kills hair cells called stereocilia in their ears just the same as they do in mine. They don't have stronger stereocilia or something.

Also, 80's night is not exactly targeted at 20 somethings. It was a mixed group. Like I said, I've been there many times without a problem. There is a point in the decibel level where damage is caused, and there is a point just under it which is considered more safe. They could stay under that point without any problem. It was 80's night without the techno throb of bass in your belly. So duh, no one needed to get their stereocilia killed off.

Jun 27, 2010, 16:40


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